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It is amazing that how we deal with challenges and difficult situations, manage our stress and energy levels, handle recovery and try to move forward, can cause us to either sink or swim.

How can you see and do things differently?

You can learn practical tips, tools, tricks, and strategies to ensure you can transform relationships, feel better about yourself, improve your emotional intelligence, health and wellness - and be on your way to building personal success and happiness both in your work and personal life.

Our six week programme consists of a variety of resources to help you transform your life.

bounceThere are six interactive webinars to take part in, along with downloadable materials to help you practice, plan and reflect. You will gain access to a private online support group where advice, coaching and accountability can be generated and maintained. In addition there will be further resources offering guidance and links to useful tools, to create a programme that can adapt to your own individual needs and the situation in which you find yourself.

You may decide to take advantage of our Platinum Package which offers one to one, online coaching sessions, to help you attain your goals.

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focusThis programme works equally well whether you are looking to make more of the life you have, solve problems and issues or wanting to create a whole new life strategy.

It is suitable for anyone who wants to change things in their life to help them improve performance and be the best they can be.

We can help you focus on what will make a real difference.

What's in the programme?

  • Webinar 1

    The link between Resilience, Stress and Performance - deciding on your purpose and planning for action.

  • Webinar 2

    "Stress". Learn to love it, manage it, deal with it and kick it into touch. Learn how its wild child cousin "pressure" can also be tamed!

  • Webinar 3

    How to think yourself to success. Learn to deal with the negative self talk that gets in the way of your own success and build a new deal with yourself.

  • Webinar 4

    Assessing and building your Energy to optimise your brain to begin to make it work for you - not against you! Using mindfulness and other techniques to reduce anxiety and get a better night's sleep.

  • Resources

    A selection of tools and materials will be provided to reinforce your learning, help you complete reflective exercises as well and journal your progress. Every session has key takeaways and actions and these will be built into you plan for success.

  • Webinar 5

    The "ROPES" model. How to assess where your resilience is being compromised or put at risk and taking corrective action. How to get a grip of those pesky emotions and feelings. Developing the ability to make clean and healthy choices about how you feel about life.

  • Webinar 6

    How to build great relationships. Reassess those around you and decide how to make the most of the relationships you have - dump the toxicity!

  • Webinar 7

    Nutrition - How diet, food and drink (and supplements) can help build your physical resilience. Strategies for health and recipies for tasty foodie goodness will be developed

  • Webinar 8

    How lifestyle and fitness can build tolerance to stress and greater wellness and happiness (but no preaching...!!)

  • Support

    Join the private facebook group to ask questions, share goals and receive support, guidance and accountability checks. Celebrate your successes and share your journey with other members of the programme. Also, the webinar hosts will be online to add extra tips and answer questions. This journey of change is one where you are not alone!


Extra help

Those who elect to sign up to the Platinum Package will receive online, one to one personal coaching, via skype from the course leader.

What sort of things does the programme deal with?

The programme aims to deal with "work" and "home life" issues such as: improving relationships, conflict, change, bullying, workload issues, career frustration, rectifying mistakes, receiving feedback, dealing with loss, anxiety and other emotions.

What do others say about this programme?

  • I don’t worry about little things any more, I make a list each day, prioritising and then deal with them. I deal with issues far more effectively and can park things at night, allowing me to sleep, I think in my mind I can worry about them in the morning. I have a new confidence in my ability and this has been noticed at work, I now regularly attend work meetings and am able to put my ideas forward for the improvement of the organisation. I am on fire and it is all down to implementing what I learned on the Personal Resilience course"
  • The resilience course has had a massive impact on me. I took so much away from it, things that have stuck with me and helped me professionally and personally"
  • I now choose how I let things affect me and how I react, no one can make me feel anything without me letting them! "
  • I used to have really bad resilience and would often hide my head in the sand and run away from anything that might challenge me but not anymore"
  • Constructive feedback used to really knock me, but now I welcome it! "
  • Creating Performance through Personal Resilience is the best course I have ever taken and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in having a successful career and happy life"
Core Programme

This programme consists of 6 live interactive webinars, downloadable support materials, access to a private Facebook support group as well as specific downloadable resources to help you plan to make the changes you need

immediate Access

Platinum Package

All of the goodies outlined in the core programme plus 2 individual online coaching sessions to look at your own specific needs and issues. The coaching sessions help you apply the learning to your situation where you can discuss any aspect of work or personal life and receive support and guidance.

Immediate Access


Lots of people offer this type of programme - how is this different..?  We have delivered these programmes in companies and organisations for many years so we have a tremendous track record of success. We now are excited to use this online method to get our message to a wider audience. Our style is to be totally practical and ensure you get the answers you need to help yourself - not just concentrating on the same old content you see everywhere else...count on change happening - that's what we deliver every day!

How does it all work?  It's simple really. Once you have clicked on the link above and purchase and join the programme, you will receive details of webinars and logins etc. You can even get the conversation rolling straight away in the private group.

Is there any or more individual support offered?  Yes - you can elect for one to one coaching via skype to discuss your own personal circumstances. Whilst a number of sessions are included in the premium package, it can be possible that coaching can be added at a later date.

Who are the programme tutors?  You can access more details of the course leaders on this page below - they are all qualified, experienced and have been working in this field for many years. They have also 'lived life' so bring to bear their own experiences of challenges and successes.

What is the process for applying?  Click on the link in the above boxes for either the Core or Premium package - we will then be in touch with further details.

Can I split the payment?  As a principle, we prefer you to have made a proper financial commitment to your personal development - but if you have a genuine problem, you can contact us via

Can my employer/company make the payment? - Yes, we are happy to invoice and accept your registration when that is set up and authorised - again contact us at should talk to us about savings if more than 1 person from the same company joins the programme!

Is there a guarantee? Yes - At the end of the programme, if you have actioned everything you have agreed and actually followed the process and if you can look me in the eye and say there has been no change then your money will be refunded - no if's, not but's.....

You can find out more about us here (our main corporate site) or here (our new specialist site) ....

A personal message from Dr Russell Thackeray

hand-1848710_1280I look forward to helping you make the changes you need, to make this the best year ever.

Resilience is the 'secret sauce' that helps improve your performance and happiness both at work and in your personal life. The first step is realising that you can improve things, the next step is making things happen. With support and guidance you can do it - so go on, join us and make the change.

Still not sure...?

If you are still not sure, please contact us to answer any specific queries or concerns. We can also arrange a phone call if you prefer..... just email with your question or to arrange a call.

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Meet the Team

Russell circleDr Russell Thackeray is a human capital consultant who is highly experienced and passionate about improving people performance to increase business value. Russell’s innovative Resilience models and strategies have been created to develop resilient cultures, teams and  people, which are paramount when dealing with and adapting to change. Russell’s qualifications in Psychology, Executive Coaching and Business Administration at Masters Level have helped shape his dynamic, challenging and effective thinking.

Miranda-circleMiranda has great experience of human development including designing and delivering resilience programmes for managers and leaders, of national and international organisations. Her focus is in creating practical solutions to improve performance of individuals by uncovering the interference that hinders them from achieving their true potential. Miranda is passionate about building resilience, combining her extensive knowledge in emotional intelligence, mental toughness and health and wellbeing, to improve people performance.

John SW circle copyJohn has extensive expertise in the design and delivery of performance improvement programmes to help motivate people be the best they can be and has used a range of tools and techniques to help people suffering from stress/anxiety, lack of confidence and performance issues. John is a qualified emotional intelligence practitioner and is also a leading expert in Heart Coherence and biofeedback, qualifying at the Institute of HeartMath in California. 

Rachel circleRachel is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and passionate about the therapeutics of food. Rachel understand the challenges and pressures of life today and enjoys working with people to help them make lifestyle changes that are practical and achievable. Food and a healthy lifestyle have a profound effect on health, influencing every aspect of our body. Naturopathic nutrition is a holistic approach to health that will focus on the whole person, addressing the root cause of illness rather than looking at the superficial symptoms.

hillie circleHolly is a health and wellness coach and a qualified personal trainer with a BSc in Nutrition. She is also a natural body builder, utilising that background in food science and nutrition and fitness. After putting on weight in her teens Holly has learned incredible self regulation strategies which she has built into her exercise and training regime. Food and fitness go hand in hand for Holly when she is getting into competition shape. Her journey has developed her confidence, personal success and a passion to help others help themselves.

We are all looking forward to supporting you on your journey, helping you make the changes you need to have your best Summer ever!